S.N.C.K.S. #001 : Color Spectrum, 2020
A series of Zines composed with images from roughly 10 years Snoecks, a Belgian art magazine. Each issue is based upon conditional design such as colour and various themes.

Book Design, Zine
200 x 280 mm

Maandag 3 juni, monday June 3, le 3 juin lundi, 2019
What amount of news do we receive every day? What if we bring these all together and ignore what the content is? Wall is a collection of one day's news bundled under one title.

Publication, Book Design
175 x 270 mm

Trust me, I'm friendly, 2018
A visual identity of how we face the rise of artificial technology and the fear we get from it. What form can it take in daily life without us knowing it?

Publication, Visual Identity, Poster, Book Design
140 x 190 mm

Vrijdagmiddag pauze, 2018
A collection of quick sketched naked people, nothing more, nothing less.

Publication, Book Design
255 x 250 mm

Streep - Volume one : The Iron Lady, 2018
Film rewritten as a novel with conditional design, as Meryl Streep's spoken words are converted into stripes and the length is based on how often they occur within the film. All accompanying information such as camera position and scene arrangement are written as footnotes.

Publication, Book Design
115 x 160 mm

Dark Galleries, 2018
Part of The Dark Galleries by Lisa Colpaert and Steven Jacobs redesigned like an analogue roll of film.

Publication, Book Design
140 x 140 mm

Since We've Met, 2020
A collection of fragments between two friends who get to know each other, looking for what they have in common. Designed on the occasion of bachelor project photography.

Publication, Book Design
205 x 260 mm

Collaboration with Rein Van Der Sypt

Module, 2021
MODULE is a modular publication that can be shaped to suit everyone's personality. MODULE consists of nine chapters, each with four different content, themes and stories. The thirty-six themes are unreadable together but with the help of forty-five open questions and by following eight necessary rules they become clear. By means of forty-five answers, you create a unique boo

Publication, Book Design, Font Design
215 x 285 mm

B.RL.N, 2016
An visual identity of the crucial eight hours before the fall of the Berlin wall. Based on a local tourist map, the hotspots can be used relive nine November 1989. The map is constructed using an abstract collection of elements and a custom typeface.

Visual Identity
890 x 1728 mm

Fake News, 2018
A research on how the relationship between text and images exist by reducing it to correctly show the usage of it. Is the text relevant in relation to the photo or is the photo useless in relation to the text?

340 x 500 mm

Turmoil, 2018
A graphic experiment with undefined text and a decoloured grid.

Publication, Book Design
150 x 210 mm

Reverse Framework, 2018
An alternative photo book in which a single image is reduced to newly composed images.

Publication, Book Design
210 x 297 mm

Babbelen, 2015
Two personalities talking to each other about the idea of an infinite library; the library of babel.

Publication, Book Design
195 x 245 mm

The dark carnival of humanity's most wretched impulses, 2019
What could be an analogue and safe way for the Internet to move? A book with similar experiences, likes and shares, posting and commenting.

Publication, Book Design
215 x 285 mm

Move you like you press my image, 2021
“From this point on, you are entering a zone in which you as a participant will be aware of your choices. Every action you take will influence your consciousness. You are about to interact with yourself and us in this space/non-space.” Move my like you press my image is an interactive exhibition in which the participant takes conscious actions to adjust the narrative.

Website, Visual Identity, Printed Matter

Collaboration with Amelie Verleene and Lene Verschaeren

Kugelmugel, 2017
Experimental publication about a micronation created by Edwin Lipburger. Using own created guidelines based on the vision of Kugelmugel, a modular and never-ending publication was designed. Each page is its own interpretation of one of these guidelines.

Publication, Book Design
135 x 185 mm

Republish, 2018
An interactive analogue and digital storytelling by having a cryptic conversation with a computer and yourself and ending up with an absurd readable story

Publication, Website, Book Design
210 x 297 mm